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Open to All Who Make Writing Part of their Life!



LVW sponsors several events each year. The main summer event alternates between “Meet the Agents” and “Into the Words.” The schedule was somewhat interrupted by Covid, but is back on track. 

During the summer of 2023 “Into the Words” was held at Jerry Johnson’s beautiful schoolhouse home in Albany, Vermont.

2024’s main event will be “Meet the Agents.  

https://windygail.com/about-us/Founded in 1929, LVW is the oldest writing organization in Vermont. 

Membership offers an exciting opportunity to meet and collaborate with others who delight in the written word. 

The League is a friendly and down-to-earth community of both emerging and seasoned writers from all around the state and beyond.

More about the LVW organization HERE.

For information about upcoming events and a recap of past events, please go to our Events page!

LVW is open to anyone with a dedication to writing and a love of the written word.

Our mission states, “Open to all who make writing a part of their life,” and we stand by that. You don’t have to be published to join, and you don’t have to be a Vermont resident. 

We are low-key and low-maintenance, a perfect place to get started if you are looking for a writing community, and a great organization to be a member of if your wish is to advance into publication or some professional capacity as a writer.

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LVW Leadership

LVW is member-driven and guided by a 10-member, all volunteer board of directors which is voted on by the general membership at the annual January meeting.

Five directors serve as officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Immediate Past President. The other five serve as at-large directors. View descriptions of these these positions.

The League Board of Directors facilitates decision-making, initiatives, and forward movement that benefit the growth and sustainability of the organization as whole. It holds quarterly meetings, either in-person or via digital means. It conducts business via mail, phone and email correspondence. The board governs by the guidance of the organization’s bylaws.

At the annual January business meeting, members hear reports from the board of directors and various other committees regarding LVW’s progress towards achieving its mission, the status of the organization’s financial situation, and goals for the coming year. The members elect officers and directors; and vote on other business items concerning the general membership.

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