Be a Constructive Member of Your League

Whether you have brains or brawn, or a mixture of both; whether you are young or old or somewhere in between; whether you have thirty minutes a month or three hours a week, you can help the League of Vermont Writers. We need every member to contribute.

Click on the “Contact Us” envelope. Put “I have some time to help” in the subject.

Planning and Hosting Events

There are many short term tasks that you can  do that will help ensure the success of our programs, such as:

  • Travel to a possible event venue and report on its amenities. 
  • Spread event information via social media.
  • Hang posters/distribute flyers.
  • Help with physical (chairs and tables) set-up and take-down at events.
  • Provide support at the registration table.
  • Create name tags for registrants.
  • Work at the lunch table.
  • Coordinate income and expenses from an event with the treasurer.
  • Man the LVW booth at other events.
  • Be an event photographer / historian.

Non-Event Tasks

Other short-term tasks that aren’t related to our programming include:

  • Write an article for League Lines recapping one of the presentations featured at an event.
  • Serve on a subcommittee for a special project or initiative, such as the book club or open mic.
  • Present at Open Mic nights. (Currently on Zoom)
  • Attend the book club. (Currently on Zoom)

You can also get more involved by joining one of the following committees:

Programming Committee:

  • Help plan the content of an event.
  • Share your expertise as a speaker or workshop facilitator.

Membership Committee

  • Join the membership committee
    • Discuss issues concerning membership.
    • Brainstorm how to seek new ones and how to retain current members.
    • Help with membership outreach.

Marketing and Social Media Committee:

  • Help with the website.
  • Write press releases for upcoming events.
  • Design flyers and other visual marketing materials for the promotion of events.
  • Help manage the LVW Facebook and Twitter pages.

Newsletter, League Lines Committee

  • Coordinate with the programming committee to determine what information needs to be featured in the newsletter.
  • Coordinate with the marketing committee to share information regarding upcoming events to be advertised in the newsletter.
  • Help with design and layout of League Lines.
  • Offer to be a proofreader.
  • Help with distribution – advertise it on your own social media!

If any of these opportunities interest you or you would like to know more, please contact us.

We are always looking to have more members become involved. Together we can continue to advance the League another 94 years! 

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